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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 54 | volume X | May-June, 2007



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Blesok no. 54May-June, 2007
Gallery Reviews

The Fierce Handwriting of the South

p. 1
Elizabeta Šeleva

There is a deeper and mysterious reason in the fact that the first individual exhibition of Dragan Mijač – Brile in Macedonia takes place in Ohrid. This reason is both mythical and anecdotal! On one side, as an argument for the location of this exhibition one can consider the geo-poetic cohesion / consonance of the two, for art especially significant, waters – the Adriatic Sea and the Ohrid Lake. On the other hand, no less important, is the so-called platonic argument: the friendship and soul-closeness between this Montenegrin artist, and his Ohrid colleague and friend Miroslav Masin.

The work of Dragan Mijač is deeply tinted and essentially marked by the fundamental spasm in his move, line, colour, in the waving of the characters and bodies. These, undoubtedly upsetting works of different art genres will unavoidably renew the magic of the spasmodic and inevitable beauty.

The portraits and the bodies are positioned in such a way that they defy gravity, on behalf of imagination; and the wealth of associative connections (woman-violin-fruit; man-totemic face; “portrait” of shoes with teeth), helped by the intriguing and fantastic twists of perception skillfully breaks the monochromatic “darkness” of the paining and/or sculpture.

The artwork of Dragan Mijač reveals an unusual and fierce sensibility, which feeds on various sources and times. As if they are born from the most powerful memories and myths, especially those whose fatherland is the Mediterranean South; that is, the archetypal unity of Eros and Thanatos; as well as the eternal dance of sea and earth, whose worlds yearn for each other and mutually complement.

Translated by: Elizabeta Bakovska

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