Blesok no. 59, March-April, 2008

from “Edges”
Translated by: Elizabeta Bakovska

Vera Čejkovska

Third Pagan Poem

among concealed mirrors, he resurrects
Alexander of Macedon from the mosaics, friezes
and reliefs: an eagle still there lands:
with its ancient eyes that once saw
what was unseen before and after
the harmonious white body flecked with scars of deep wounds
in front of which the malice of snakes
and ferociousness
of the beasts dries out
– in the first dream – this body is already caressed by snakes
and hugged by beasts, while it alone
nests darkness in its curves, as swarthy camels
they drink it with harmonious dances, magic, chants
and other luring speeches of knotted tongues –
    as those
    in which I tasted the equalizing
    of bliss and arduousness

The Slit of the Dream

we both wake up as pagans for whom the world
is no longer beautiful, remnants of nights, the great time immemorial
of passion are but wild blackberries on the edge of the city,
the dawn – but the slime of darkness on the window panes
and mirrors. fragile are the memories of fulfilled agreements,
notchy are the thoughts of those unfulfilled.
    in between, but a bare forest of absence,
above it the sleep still trembles fresh
with heavenly greenery and birds that churr
in a rhythm equally
understandable and incomprehensible,
calming and tempting,
blissful and arduous

The Memory of the Landscape

the rains slap, blur and wash the mountain
in the window. “five meters of thickness of the sliding
layers usually are equal to 2,000 years of past”,
a dream of the senses that fills in the valleys, all other
cuts and traces in the landscape: pushing out the memory
into the electromagnetic bundles of the underground water
drops, to some new landscapes…

this day is already a new geological leaf on the flatland,
with crumbly printed mosaics, friezes, reliefs,
a mirror pressed in between, myself in it,
while following a running deer, I entangle
in the forest branches, I take the roof
of dark leaves and light threads
– much earlier before the mountain clears
into a multicolored beast kneeling in the darkness

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