Blesok no. 59, March-April, 2008
Gallery Reviews

The drawing
From the catalogue of the exhibition at "Mala Galerija" (10.04.–11.05.2008)

Blagoja Manevski

In every instance, the drawing was such a rewarding experience for me, because of its immediacy and its simple technique. It is a swift script wherein the psycho-motoric functions are coming to the fore.

    There are some inexplicable forces that are guiding the hand … and with many mysteries. It is to do with a sign system which is devoid of intention for knowledge, and by that, it is also detached from the notional sphere of the ideology. It is to do with the organization of the material world according to the artistic procedure. Those are the moments of humanization, of self-knowledge, and of profound and earnest delight.

    In effect, the fascination with the line – as a basic plastic element – is but a condition of my sensibility, that is to say, of my feelings and visions. With the line I express the most essential contents, so that within the drawing I seek to express the thought, the idea, or, the vision of a theme, the psychological moment, etc.

    The titles of these works aim to impede the viewer’s intention to appropriate the drawings as a domain of that which is already known, as well as to discourage every attempt in reducing the “poiesis” to an inconsequential play.

Skopje, March 2008

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