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Radost! Liberates

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Uroš Milovanović

Ilegalni poslastičari presents legal Radost!
RADOST! Oslobađa
(Kornet Recordings)

This release has finally seen Croatian band Radost! becoming an official member of multimedia, creative and artistic movement Ilegalni poslastičari, while Kornet Rec continued underpinning domestic pop establishment. What Radost! has done, nobody in the ex-Yu region didn't have strength or guts to do since the early releases of Jarboli.

Despite the witty humor, Radost! lacks focus, making it different from the above mentioned Belgrade band. They are often dissipated in making rhymes that finally loose significance when confronted with virtuous pop-rock melodies. Most of the songs remain unfinished, or in a better word, unbalanced. But besides that, Radost!, as such, successfully widens low-fi approach to domestic music and its ex-Yu region heritage. Solid successor of the extreme pop compilation Šta treba maloj deci.
To be continued.

Recommendation: GJVN, Svi su mrtvi, Mikroskop, Metamatematika.
Sve ono što znam o sebi.

Vladimir Horvat

RADOST - Radost oslobadja (2007, Slusaj najglasnije)

I have seen this Croatian rock band from Zagreb only once in Močvara club in Zagreb on 18th of March on the quite confusing evening of Serbian artists and failed to understand their „homemade and self-oriented“ performance. They seemed confused and “crappy”, completely unprepared, unoriginal, unfocused and boring. But this album denies all my prior statements being very good studio material leading to the conclusion that Radost! makes it much better in the studio than on stage. Nicely composed and arranged, songs are very radiofonic with solid studio production and remind on the early Azra releases and blustery Ripper’s (PCVC) wits. Lyrics are ideal, especially for the admirers of Štulić’s early work with plenty of sophisticated and intelligent bunt based on real life and literature experience where Daniel Biffel (Pun Kufer) has stopped. Music is also very good and nicely arranged with retro influences of blues, pub and hard rock, alternative, new-wave, reggae, cabaret, pop-jazz, soul and pop-rock. Additional charm Radost! gets from pretty Brale’s vocals whose voice is so pathetic (like the one from Jurica Pađen!) that one must believe everything he sings. Album has very orthodox and original songs like “Razgovarajmo o tome (S.Beckett)”, “Sjecas me se” (instrumental that reminds on “Mind riot” from Soundgarden), “Crveno”, “Triton po Samuilu (S.Beckett) and several potential hits like “Gdje je vrijeme nestalo (R.Davies)”, “Svi su mrtvi”, “Mikroskop”, “Sesir”, “Leptirica” i “Sve ono sto znam o sebi”, a latent and lucid cover from Arsen Dedić.

Guests on the album are new Serbian artists – ingenious Tobić Tobić and Alina Jurjević, Srdjan Činč (violin) whom you can find in Slušaj najglasnije catalogue. I apologize Radost! for not leaving any impression on me on Močvara concert, but this album is excellent! What more, this album is a fine display of the time that doesn’t exist anymore. It will be interesting to see where Radost! will head for with next releases. They have big potential to break commercial barriers. They are stronger than Parni Valjak, Prljavo kazalište, Gibonni…, in the waters that surround Azra, PCVC and Balašević. Radost! Oslobađa is maybe the announcement of the great rock band?

Track listing: 1. Gdje je vrijeme nestalo (R.Davies), 2. Razgovarajmo o tome (S.Beckett), 3. Svi su mrtvi, 4. Gospodar prosjeka, 5. Sreca, 6. Sjecas me se, 7. Mikroskop, 8. Crveno, 9. Sesir, 10. Hvala hvala hvala, 11. Triton po Samuilu (S.Beckett), 12. Leptirica, 13. Matematika (D.Kojic), 14. Kazaljke, 15. Sve ono sto znam o sebi (J.Hendrix-A.Dedić)

Rating (1-10): 9


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