Blesok no. 64, January-February, 2009

Way to the Graveyard
From "The Dead Branch Revives", Blesok, 2009.
Translated by Alan McConnell Duff

Josip Osti

I sleep alone. Yet, as before

I sleep alone. Yet, as before,
you pull the cover
to your side.

Amongst the vineyards

Amongst the vineyards
the way to the graveyard.
There is no way back.

Sunny October

Sunny October.
Your urn is gilded
in my hands.

When you died

When you died
I dressed you. Yet before
I only undressed you.

Bird in the sky

Bird in the sky.
Fish in water. But you
in the black earth.

Now, dead, you sing

Now, dead, you sing
like a fish, and are silent
like a glad bird.

You are the drowned one

You are the drowned one.
From source to spring
your gaze travels on.

The wind caresses you

The wind caresses you.
The sun kisses you. And I
am jealous.

Once I planted flowers for you

Once I planted flowers for you,
yet now to you
I light candles.

A lizard on your grave

A lizard on your grave –
winged fish,
wingless bird.

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