Blesok no. 65, March-April, 2009
Gallery Reviews

(Mala Galerija, 23.04.-25.05.2009)

Goce Nanevski

Horizon-a stands for a semi-location which is defined as a two's binary complement, as a quotient of the thinking object and the spatial (con)text. At the same time, this semi-location may be defined as plastics of a temporal variable which expresses the elemental (primitive) visions - those visions which at times may even prevent the viewer from entering the intuitive discourse of recognition. Horizon-a is an expression of the multi-functional understanding of the relation between the artificiality and that which is given in the physical two- or three-dimensional reality. The object which is offered as some (un)recognizable platform plays a double role: first of, the role of an “ambition” which is wrapped within or around its proper core, and then, that of a “forsaking” which is open to multi-faceted (additional) localization … limitless within the finality.

The two's binary complement stands for a spatial substrate which is permanently marked by the dynamic insufficiency … unyielding to the long division without a remainder.

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