Blesok no. 69, November-December, 2009

Tonight the Snow Smells of You
English translation by Alan McConnell-Duff

Josip Osti

A small poem

A small poem
burgeoning within me
and outgrowing me.

The snow whiteness

The snow whiteness of our skins
covers the darkness
within us.

Outside it's snowing

Outside it's snowing. And onto me
are snowing
your warm kisses.

In the morning

In the morning there was
snow in the glass. At noon, water.
In the evening ice.

Around you

Around you are
countless snowflakes. Or
white butterflies?

I love you

I love you,
I wrote in the snow
which is still snowing.

It snows day and night

It snows day and night.
No trace that we had even
come this far together.

All around

All around, everywhere,
the snow is glimmering.
And so are we – two stars.

We are children again

We are children again:
chasing snowflakes
with open heart.

With my finger I write

With my finger I write in the snow.
The sun reads –
at the same time wiping it away.

My loveliest poems

My loveliest poems
I wrote with fingers
on your skin.

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