Blesok no. 69, November-December, 2009
Sound Reviews

Тom, We Are Waitsing...
23 min., 2009

Ilina Jakimovska

This is a short amateur movie by Marina Avramović, student of Philology, and Jana Kocevska, student of ethnology and anthropology, both from Skopje, Macedonia. It was made on the occasion of the 60th birthday of the famous American singer-song-writer and actor Tom Waits. It features a number of Waits' fans – writers, painters, show hosts, journalists, professors – who speak about their relation to Waits' music, the time when they first heard about him or about their favorite album. Exclusively the film includes an audio recording dated more than ten years ago, of a phone machine message from Waits to the director Milčo Mančevski. The title of the film is in fact a message back to Waits – that he should come to Skopje!


Marina Avramović – camera&editing
Jana Kocevska – editing assistant
Ilina Jakimovska – idea

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