Blesok no. 70, January-February, 2010

Missing Piece

Efe Duyan

Looking at You

When little girl runs away turning it upside down
For the first time turtle sees the sky

Trans. by Neslihan Akkar

The Kid

innovators, nobel addicts, bespectacled faces…
which of you could have invented walking?

Trans. by Neslihan Akkar

The Lover

You are beautiful so much
Everyone must have been saying this to you
However as years and years pass by
You will be beautiful ever more.

Trans. by Neslihan Akkar

Missing Piece

Whose choose are these furnitures of our lives?
Let's give a kick to all,
Your body is enough to fill a house.

Trees of Istanbul
Barged in our kissing
We don’t have a photograph together
Nobody see us
Let's look at each other…
I don’t remember the music, or myself at all,
How many pieces the crowd I divide
You are the remainder

No city is far away to the other,
Few millimeters on the world map, so what
Let the one whose sun rises first wake the other up

I kissed you once
It outlasts for days
Although, you are not a horizon line unless my lips.
Searching for the missing piece in your life
Is it me?

Trans. by Gökçenur Ç.

Lost Word in the Middle East

As the sun gallivants in Gaza no matter what happens
Shadows grow longer for decades
While a timid life always walks a few steps behind…
It's many a long day since the guestroom was opened
Feels tired of waiting on a woman’s
Last strand of black hair
Speaks as if it’s the first time but to whom
People in the photographs wear out as she dusts off
though it never gets untidy to make up a bed everyday
Rain pouring on Tel Aviv will soon fall in her garden
Since between Palestine and the sky
Can nobody
Build a wall
Then again, she’s got tired of waiting

Trans. by Neslihan Akkar

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