Blesok no. 85, July-August, 2012

I Love Life, Yet Death Loves Me
Translated by Alan McConnell-Duff.
“I Love Life, Yet Death Loves Me”, Blesok, 2012

Josip Osti

Warm snowflakes

Warm snowflakes of love
snow down
only upon lovers.

It smells of snow

It smells of snow
and the countless shades
of its colour.

From snow

From snow
I have learnt much.
Not only about silence.

When all around

When all around me is white
I do not know if it's real
or an illusion.

Even at midnight

Even at midnight
the snow is white. The spirit
is also warm in the chill.

Snow silence

Snow silence.
And hearing in it only
the whisper of snowflakes.

There are days

There are days when for me
each snowflake
is a Song of songs.

How many snowflakes!

How many snowflakes!
So many gentle words
would save the world.

If I'm in love

If I'm in love with just one
snowflake, at the same time
I'm in love with the whole world.

By a snowflake's kiss

I'm convinced by a snowflake's kiss
that I'm part
of all the universe.

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