Blesok no. 90, May-June, 2013

A Planet of Robots
Translated by Novica Petrović

Milan Dobričić


made to work in the dark
thrown out into the light
on account of the crowd
strengthened soles
arm lengthened three times
ending with a big finger
for feeling things


made with a wall surrounding him
to work in peace
on account of the crowd
thrown out amongst the others
made to rely on them
he feels the wall
learns the morse code
for the purpose of communication


made with wheels in place of legs
to be faster
on account of the crowd
left without a motor
to push himself
running in a circle


made to push a runner
instead of a motor
his arms screwed into his back
on account of the crowd
he pushes and pulls him
outside the circle


made to think
has a head
no legs
or arms
on account of the crowd
can do nothing by himself
except think


made to discern the future
with all his limbs useless
with a head twisted in a trance
with a gaping drooling mouth
with hoarse vocal chords
on account of the crowd
he wanders around


made to spend himself
on account of the crowd
to lose his leg
or half an arm
they easily slip him another one
somebody else’s or brand new
to carry on then
until the end


made to be close by
on account of the crowd
with wrongly connected wires
occasionally he is close by
otherwise somewhere deep within himself
far away beside himself
he sings dances laughs
cries howls

The Others

and billions of those
who make them
on account of the crowd

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