Blesok no. 94, January-February, 2014

In No Man's Land
Translated into English by Martha Kosir

Josip Osti

The memories of our
fire protect me from
the chill of loneliness.

I am lying in the shadow
of the tree that I had
planted for you.

The flowers smell
of life even at
the cemetery.

When you are far away
from me, also I am far away
from myself.

I am alone, and I am not.
I am among the blossoming flowers, and you –
blossom inside me.

I am happy that even
after my death everybody
will be warmed by the sun.

I am becoming ever more
a traveler within my self, it is
namely there that I run into you.

I am waiting. Even if
you do not come, it was
nice waiting for you.

You walk up the stairs
accompanied by the music of the piano.
And I follow you.

My pencil has burnt out
and this haiku now
wanders in the dark.

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