Blesok no. 96, May-June, 2014
Gallery Reviews

A Fighter That Never Disarms

Tatjana Bundalevska

Already well known to the Macedonian as well as to the global public, with her distinctive expressive gestural artistic language through her numerous oil paintings, this time Simonida Filipova-Kitanovska is introducing herself with another technique that is watercolor.

The current use of watercolor is a long examination of the effects from the interplay between color and water: merging, separated puddles, halos, contrast, color layers, without thinking to add contrast and to use dazzling pigments. The present watercolor is consisted of brave colors.

Simonida Filipova-Kitanovska presents herself with an exhibition with the title “Bird Garden”, with her artistic solutions where she colorfully composes her thoughts and feelings, the expression is concise and subtle, and the theme is diverse and interesting. Her watercolors do not tell stories – they are filled with inner force. The skill that embodies patience and spontaneity, courage and reflection, creates the force of Simonida Filipova-Kitanovska’s watercolors. Reflection and vivacity, courage and academic knowledge, such is the expression of all dualities as the water in watercolor and the fire of its colors. Her art shows the strong emotions of subtleness, freedom of touch with a brush and vibration of movement, absorbs strong chromatic balance in which cold and warmth are balanced.

Scenes from life, mostly flowers and birds, her themes often in 3D venture ahead of our gaze. For the artist, watercolor does not have other limitations except our own. She uses flowers and birds as a subject for transformation in abstract shapes, and then she creates a new piece, composed of those shapes with new content and its symbolism. The colors are dominantly warmer and acoustic in its intensity, whereas blue and cold colors radiate with light and increase the pulse of life in the painting.

With its theme and content, there artistic works of the artist is a narrative poetry of flowers and birds where we feel the soul, the colors and the sounds of nature. Her works are a reflection of the temperament of a credible hallucination of life. The movement and the warmth of the scenes of life are translated with the nonchalance and fluidity in her works.

Simonida Filipova-Kitanovska’s art is an art of color and movement. The tones are warm, but also soft in order to keep the sensibility and the spontaneous sincerity that characterize it. Moving through Simonida’s watercolors is like wandering through the open fields of life. Colors that are everywhere, gentle, intense, powerful, with full brush scream the flowers and the birds in her watercolors. The color, as a question of intuition and magic power, covers the artistic space in the watercolors.

Simonida Filipova-Kitanovska, to some extent, is a painter of poetry, and as a matter of fact she “loves” describing herself like that because in her watercolors, where charm and sensuality always intertwine, there is that thread of poetry whose touch we discreetly acknowledge.

She is a fighter that never disarms. Fortunately, she is also vulnerable and sensible, and she transmits that in her works through surges of strong and bright colors.

Translated by: Nataša Dimitrovska

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