Blesok no. 103-104, December, 2015
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Teaser, 1999
Video Installation

Monika Moteska

Teaser, 1999

Video projection, sound, knives
    Teaser is part of a cycle of installations where the author is inspired by the circus. Throwing knives and aiming at a living target is an entertainment for the people. Exposing oneself to danger and seeing people exposed to danger is an act of sweetest pleasure to many people. The author exposes her body to the looks of the other. She teases but she is vulnerable at the same time. She becomes the target of looks, yearning, and on the other hand, of attacks, wounds and abuses. The knives around her are not only a phallic symbol, a symbol of death, but also a beautification tool (esthetic surgery) and ritual decorations of women in some tribes whose methods are also used by modern woman.

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