Blesok no. 107, May 2016
Sound Reviews

Translated from Bosnian: Elizabeta Bakovska

Mehmed Begić


    Sometimes I become aware that the music that moves me is gone. That it has been spent and some new time has brought some new media and ways of expression, and that music started to pay the price for that. Or, even worse, that I have spent myself too, that I am older and hungry for a different energy that is still unknown. Or, the worst, that chemistry between the two of us is gone.
    And that I hear 'We Are Dreamers!'. Magic at work! Tindersticks are dreamers, I never doubted it, and this song is an anthem. Duos are an old specialty of Tindersticks. First thing that comes to mind is Travelling Light, with Karl Torgeson from Walkabout… or 'A Marriage Made in Heaven' with Isabella Rossellini.
    And when it comes to Lhasa De Sela… They first recorded
Sometimes it Hurts   with her, and later Stuart invited her to participate in his second solo album, The result is the killing song 'That Leaving Feeling'. One of those that I often forbid myself. Lhasa did not live to see her last cooperation with Tindersticks, just as James Dean did not make it to see his third film. The title of the film was Giant, and the song is 'Hey Lucinda'.
     Traveling Light


    I never learnt to drive a car. I tried once, but it didn't go. Later it turned out that the mistakes were not entirely mine, because my old Lada Special was not quite OK. But that experience was quite good for me to cross out the driving licence. And I have not wish to drive. Except when I hear Tindersticks.
There is something in their rolling sound, something that used to have even before they were Tindersticks, while they were called Asphalt Ribbons. I don't only think of Stuart Staples's voice. It's something else, the complete magic that they had created, especially on their early albums.
    For example, one song from 'Simple Pleasure' album always makes me grab the wheel that is not there. Since I first heard
Before You Close YourEyes it makes me feel the same again: I want to sit in the first car and drive, drive, drive. To the distance, to the twilight, not coming back, to what awaits for us after the dreams. And I go there with the first sounds of this song.
Rented Rooms


    What follows is a motel by the road or a hotel in the centre of the unknown city. With the loneliness or without it. All options are there with Tindersticks. And the unbearable life as a category that is difficult, but not impossible to win, and the careless nights without thinking of what follows.
    Films will teach us nothing. Bodies sticking together are just the anaesthetics of the moment. We can even dance – maybe we dance each other to the end! – to start something new. Some parts of Tindersticks' early albums are like the salt on the wounds of those who go to the bottom earlier to break, and then they swim out free of the agony of powerlessness forever, changed by their experience, mostly proud of the scars that remain behind the barely survived adventures of the heart.
is one of those songs. Survive what is described in it and surrender to oblivion. Destroy the past, build from the start, understand the devastating side of love, the one that destroys, get out of that, search for what has remained of your own soul, and let it be forgiven.
    And stop asking yourself where somebody is what they are doing. It is none of your business anymore. The colours have spilt, no answer will bring peace. Separate lust from greed and do not allow the spite to destroy you. There is no truth to liberate you, only violins in the agony and the silence that would rather become a scream. The moments when I despise myself are rare, and when I am jealous I always do it.


    I love walks. Long endless walks into the unknown, to timelessness, when the watches melt and the seasons mix with the parts of the day. When the darkness comes without an announcement. When you simply find yourself there. At one moment the sun is on your face, and in the next you are surrounded by darkness.
    Day and night walks. The morning ones as well that make your thoughts clear. They are a therapy against the unbearableness. They are sacred walks. From the asphalt to the dusty road with soil that remains in your shoes. In return the spoil takes the darkness from you. Despair sticks to the air, and the music in your ears is the only tranquiliser that works. The favourite book under your arm or in your pocket. In your hand maybe.
    Stuart A. Staples and Susanne Osborne published the book 'Singing Skies'. It contains seventy five lyrics of Tindersticks. It is poetry that functions for itself without mistakes. The poems are types on a typewriter and the skies as oil on canvas were painted by Suzanne every day for a whole year. 'Singing Skies' should be carried as an artefact always for the walks one does not know where they will take him. It could become a rule.
Another Night In


     We Are the Dreamers
, the duo with Jehnny Beth from the post punk band Savages, might be an unexpected, but definitely a killing combination. The rolling of the electric guitar sound and the two seemingly different voices is what keeps us in the waiting room of the new album, without thinking of leaving. I feel this song just as I heard the music when I first fell in love. It doesn’t matter in what or in whom. Its sound always makes me stare in the empty skies and waiting for the stars.
    Let me be clear, I also doubted Tindersticks, they too sometimes contributed to what I spoke about, to think that both music and I are already done. Just like any of us, they too had their crises and separations. They fell apart, they stopped playing, they got together again… New people came to the band, some of the old ones went away. Just as it happens in life. One needs to manage. One needs to stay up, stay on his feet. What can life do with dreamers like us.
Second Chance Man

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