Blesok no. 108-109, July-August, 2016

Politics, Pornography, Poetry
Excerpt from the book of poetry “Politics, Pornography, Poetry”

Bojan Marjanović


    you lean your head against my shoulder
    the room is lit by the crumbs
    of the lampion light
    which managed to penetrate the shades
    you smile
    I don’t understand why
    you encircle my ear with your lips
    and quite silently ask me
        would you like to fuck me
    your question sounds very rough
    but see
    I would jump into the two lakes
    under your forehead
    I would row with your eyelashes
    and raise this skill to an olympic discipline level
    and when I reach the land
    I would climb those cheekbones of yours
    as a mighty alpinist
    silvester stalone who
    will stick a flag with his lips
    on the two hills under your eyes
    then I would study the geometric possibilities
    of our lips’ overlapping
        am very interested in those matters
    then I would target your neck
    I would mark my territory and march along it
    bojan’s land is where bojan’s kisses are
    after this military campaign smilingly
    I would remember how those cheekbones were a piece of cake
    compared to the mountains expecting me
    here I would call my fingers to help my lips
    gently caressing your nipples
    as some
    hypersensitive potentiometers from a science-fiction movie
    then I would go down to the belly button
    the general place of girl’s beauty
    which in your case proves
    that general places will save the world
    I would have to give a kiss
    to what the old timers call
    mons venus
    although it’s more of a valley
    compared to your mountains
    which I have already conquered
    I would advance down your legs with my tongue
    until I finally reach
    the ten happy dwarves
    and I have to kiss each of them separately
            that’s how it goes
    and even after that ceremony
    with the inner side of your thigh
    you’d touch a
    long term friend of mine
    dressed up
    and a bit blushed
    would leave for an encounter
    with your lady friend
    you see
    the answer to the question
    that you asked
    is much more complex than
    you might have expected
    but if you’re tired
    and not in the mood for me to draw you the algorithm
    of this complicated psycho-physical process
    I’d like to fuck you

Former Lovers’ Conversation on a Shared Pillow

    I only hope that
    you won’t find
    a new boyfriend soon
    I say
    what do you mean
    by soon
    you ask
    in this case
    soon and never
    actually have the same meaning
        I open my mouth to say
    but I know that
    you wouldn’t like that
        so I keep quiet
        and I cover myself with the blanket
        lean my head against your breasts
        and long
        I cry like the worst kind of a cunt

Key Words: Morning, July, Uzice, Partisans’ Square, sun, wind, life decisions

    we sit and we drink coffee
    we do everything that people who
    sit and drink coffee do
    newspapers spread in front of us
    you already tell something
    I already remember something
    the big alluvial river
    of our conversation runs quietly
        without meandering and without surprises
    and then
    then a wind blows
    it turns the newspaper page
    and moves from culture to entertainment
    the sun umbrellas shake
    and you
    your skirt lifts
    but just a bit
    quite unnoticed
    for the sharpened dicks
    around us
    chewing the cappuccino spoons
    filling in betting tickets
    quite unnoticed for the grannies
    who took their grandchildren for an ice-cream
    quite unnoticed even
    for the trained eyes of the waiters
    the skirt lifts unnoted just enough
    so that you knees peek a bit
    your knee bones fly out like periscopes
    and I
    I lose control
    I drown in my desire to fuck you
    for us to make love
    for you to fuck me
    for me to nestle in these knees
    establish my own commune of a single member
    and hide there from the devastating influence
    of tv news
    and my own education
    which makes me watch
    that tv junk
    everything that I can wish
    for your birthday
    for saint valentine
    for new year
    for your late grandpa and your living father’s name day
    for your mom’s company anniversary
    for the day of the fight against fascism
    for the former days of the republic and future days of statehood
    is for me to manage
    to channel
    this noise inside me
    and for the wind to always blow in the direction
    of gently lifting your skirt

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