Blesok no. 15, June-July, 2000

Horse Rider
Translated by: Zoran AnĨevski

Apolon Gilevski

Horse Rider

The horse that neighs and lifts off the dark soil
dark and mysterious like the myth about his hooves
his unshod hooves
That horse rises up on his rear legs
his nostrils splayed widely for the fragrant air
ready for great advances
He would even mutilate the earth that feeds him
He would uproot the proud an slow-moving tree
He would bite the sun
       the sun which is high above him
He would suck all the water
      the water which is deep under him
He would bear all the burden upon his back
But the rider is nowhere to see


When will this forest pass
with the speed of a wild boar?
Dark in its foundation
proud in its body
it denounces the fire
and the sun in its boughs
This funny forest
in which I leave behind my laughter
and proclaim my heart to be an owl
and the umbilical cord to the deepest root

In this forest that passes
with the speed of my eye.


Take a free flight
a zigzag flight
a flight which the current
rises and drops
a flight deprived of its shadow
which has swallowed
its own beak
a flight
to which even the eyes of a doe
look with envy


My body ripples up in a laughter
The moon is my invisible smile
      that cries at night
A river that secretly circles and cries
Oh mortals
my eye is a sun
which at dusk and midnight
sees the blood of its forerunners
My track that follows your track
My dream is the bird which sings
perched on a peak
My skin is a forest that ripens in spring
My naked body is all
My beautiful poison
is nothing


The constellations change their pattern
The hoop of bruises drops
like a blazing crown
The wind eventually
points its index-finger:
Sad is this moon scar
     on my forehead
this bright smile
soon to be wiped
by the reckless laughter
of the day.

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