Blesok no. 15, June-July, 2000
Theatre Play

Luna Prima
- antieurodrama - (based on the motives of "Hamlet" by Louis Bunuel and other surrealistic texts)

Goran Trenčovski


JACK… … … … … a passionate dreamer
LENI… … … … … blindly in love
BILL… … … … … Jack’s rival
TOTO… … … … … he who wants
BRETONOVICH… … … … … a dog over time and beneath the moon

(The story is about four friends and one dog, and it’s borned one autumn at the end of the century in a small village in the middle of Europe. Knowing each other from past times, they never thought that one day their destiny’s will once again be joined… The boys begun a series of disagreements lead to the disappearance of the only female soul between them… The hobo dog is the only one ‘sober’ enough to compare the tenderness and the anger in the soul of the night… Everything finishes with the mediation of the crescent moon…)

* Luna prima or crescent moon is a being in ripening phase.
This play is staged on december 1994 in production of Academic Theatrical Laboratory-Skopje.

Scene 3: Fear…

(At Toto’s. On radio – stale news: a brother murdered his brother. After a sexual act. A candle is burning down. Hasten division. Toto is going out. Leni is staying to lie alone. Next to her a half empty bottle of alcohol and two glasses.)

Scene 4: Like on a cartoon (II)

(Out of town. Jack and Bill. Later Toto as well.)

BILL: Once, when we were kids we played doctors and nurses. That's the first time I saw her body.
JACK: I think her birth mark isn't in a good spot.
BILL: Aesthetic isn't the topic of our discussion.
JACK: She’s a topic of…
TOTO: Yo Jack, Bill, whats up?
TOTO: You’ll never see Leni again.
JACK: What are you talking about you unlucky soul, amidt’s that disgusting stink?
BILL: And admit’s such a beautifull stench, Leni left.
BILL: By train?
TOTO: Won't anybody do anything to catch up with her even witout a train? She won't come back to anywhere.
BILL: Oh you bloody alien!
JACK: You love Leni too!
TOTO: Me? I don’t love her, and I don’t hate her. She’ll be my wife in the milky mornings.
JACK: What is 3325 times 2031?
BILL: I’ll kick her ass!

Scene 5: … Anddread

(At Bill’s. On TV – fresh news: there is beginning a new war on the Balcans. Leni is cleaning. She finds a bag of cocain.)

Scene 6: Like on a cartoon (III)

(Out of town. Jack, Bill and Toto.)
BILL: I’ll bite your ear off!
TOTO: Should I?
JACK: Such is life.
BILL: What do you mean my ear off?
TOTO: Yeah, I know, you’ll beat me up, because that’s the only power you have over me, but you’ll be frightened of my shadow’s shadow. Death is easier than a dream.
(They fight, Toto is defeated.)
BILL: Now that all of the bad spirits have gone, lets be honest. Jack, do you love Leni?
JACK: Me? Heaven forbid. No way.
BILL: Then why your shadow fought with our beloved and now sorry looking Toto?
JACK: Mainly for self interest.
BILL: Now it's all clear to me. Jack, I’m going to blab it all over the village.
JACK: You just do that; in the mean time I’m going to go for a ride on my dear pony.
BILL: I’ll break it's leg.
TOTO:You’ll kiss it's ass.

Scene 7: Flashback

(Three months ago. Full moon.Toto is shaving his face in front of the mirror.)
TOTO: Toto, quo vadis? I’m restless. You don’t know when I’m serious and when I’m not. I don’t select means when I have a goal. And I hide in dangerous situations. There isn't greater pain than remembering the good times when you are in trouble. I always look for the humour in everything. I already said that.
(He is going to bed.)

Scene 8: A dream

(At Leni’s. On her chair.)
JACK: Did you get to know the sea?
LENI: That’s what I was doing when you came. But where is the sea? Does the sea exist? That's all you can propose to me after such a long abscense?
JACK: That's all.
LENI: How much money did you exchange for your two-faced journey to the Antarctic? Maybe the bankers, or some other girl…
JACK: Leni… I could…
LENI: The negro finished his job and now he can go.
JACK: It’s uncomfortable for me to limit my love with your most highly regarded fields.
LENI: We’ll talk about that on Thursday, amongst other things.
JACK: But I love only Mary.
LENI: Love me Jack, you won't be sorry. Ask your father's soldiers whether they are afraid of my love.
JACK: Well, if that's how things are, let me love you too. If you do, I’ll put my childish mouth on your delicate breasts.
LENI: Do it.
(Toto is waking up.)

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