Blesok no. 30, January-February, 2003


Faraj Bou al-Isha

Say nothing

Enter quietly
Time is set for a wide kind of
like slurping the horizon with a
or like a man waving to
bidding themselves farewell.
Time enough for me and you.
is an absolute sovereign
picking at delicacies
with fork and knife.

Thank you

If you were not yourself
you would have been
something else

or for example

Where does this pain come from

where is it leading to?
I pick at my wounds,
like a nomad spurring his
impatient to reach
the end of the century.

Here I am

tossing at your feet
the knowledge I have gained
from my mistakes.
I waited for your arrival
and picked at my soles
for meaning.
What good is this step
or that step?
This is how
I became stranded
in the mud of modesty.


do not leave yet.
Let me rearrange the world
for you.


the doves have subsided
the tiger slouched
and the ox now ploughs.
The camel tossed its rider
dying of thirst
and went on its own.
the snake dreams of another
the ghoul has devoured
the children of fantasy
and my grandmother
has made a pillow
of the tales we loved.
the earth is your palace
and your terrace
is the seventh sky.

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