Blesok no. 43, July-August, 2005

Language Says
Translated by: Helena Berg, Fiona Sampson

Amir Or

Language Says

Language says: Before Language
there stands a language. Language is tainted traces
from over there.
Language says: Listen, now.
You listen: There has been
    an echo.

Take silence and try to be silent.
Take words and try to speak.
Byond language, Language is a wound
from which the world flows and flows.
Language says: Is, Is not, Is,
Is not. Language says: I.
Language says: Let’s speak you,
let’s feel you, come say
you have said.


My head is a cloud on the face of the lake;
          the wind
          is peaceful.
Mountains and mountain shadows,
spots of grey and light,
travel over the mirror of water.
Spots of, shadows of    faces,
a long
    long procession.
Faces that have been
          will always be
here within here within here:
on the shore  of an eye the dead gather
          to bathe
          to rise
          and be.

My face on the face of a lake,
ripples on the face of ripples:
Troy, Jerusalem, Alexandria, Rome
rise and fall
       fall and rise.
Smoke still rises from city walls,
swords still glitter at dusk,
I rise and fall, fall and rise.
Faces that will be always have been;
grey spots in the mirror of water.

Ohrid Lake, Aug. 30, 2003

Hunt Song

I will kill you, oh great deer,
I will eat your tender flesh.
I have already breathed in your out-breath,
I have already absorbed your spirit into mine
and we are one.

Let your flesh come into my flesh,
let your power be absorbed in my power.
Look through my eyes, oh great deer,
run in my swift legs.

Love Song

Looking at you
I take my woman-self
and moon above it.

More than anything
    I wear my own natures
when I look at them through your eyes.

Song of the Tribe

Wearing my tree nature
I rest in my own shadow.
Over rocks
my water self
running with others
in smooth unity.

When my sky’s clouded,
taking on my thunder nature
I empty down the burden of my power,
watering my earth selves.

Then, becoming clear, bear long white feathers
from horizon to horizon
and encircle my boundaries,
encircle the edges of  the sky.

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