Blesok no. 47, March-April, 2006

Of the Light
Translated by: Elizabeta Bakovska

Elizabeta Drakulovska

Sorceries and Witchcraft

            To G.

Sorceries and witchcraft
you don’t need them
to bewitch me with wonders
to subdue me with a magic word
to turn me into dust of feelings
you make in peace
you spice with silence
the thing that is inside you
the thing that fits you most
While I can’t find a word that fits
enough to make this verse for you.

Bright Tenderness

Bright tenderness
runs through
my every tiny atom.
I have no hair
but blossoming herbs
I have no eyes
but sunlight cobwebs.
Perhaps that is why
the world seems
shinier than
the horn of a silky unicorn.
I see you
on the other side
of a small water drop
glowingly you lullaby
in the lap of a white lotus
keeping our secrets
under the shade of the lake.

You Let the Words

            To J.

You let the words
in your palms
you touch them with your heart
while they swim through your waters
nobody who receives them
knows if they are tones or colours
eyes or lips or
full-grown rain drops
of sunny love
I wonder who enjoys
the old children’s game more
they or you

А Dream Entangled My Reality

A dream
entangled my reality
covered it with sunlight cobwebs.
With every breath
through them
I breathe in more of tender life.
Wild ponies
dashing on my palms
trip over
gleaming pebbles.
Whatever I touch
in blue herbs.
The clouds
make me stumble,
but I still enjoy
the beauty of the flight.
Every flower
has its little secret
keeps it in its sepals
reveals it to butterflies.
A small honeycomb
conceals a whole new world
you must have a star
in your eye
to enter.
I am all spattered
with little stars.
And yet they do not stop me.
I thread
through a golden funnel
and I leave no footprints behind.
Only hollows
filled with foam
and tiny little lakes.
I string through foots
of dunes
there I dig out
ancient treasures.

I Ran

I ran
with all my force and wildness
and everything rushed
I could not take it
And then
In the middle of the storm
a small cloud
from a depth
quite close
touched me, barely
With an echo of a whisper
And everything calmed down
Tranquil joy
took me
It just happened
To be quiet for a while

I Dream that I Disappear

I dream that I disappear
I am gone
nothing of me but strange
quiet joy
remains to wave.
The dream turns
into a mallow morning
imagined transparent ponies
made of shiny cobwebs
or a breath of a white cloud
just because of this gentle morning.
I will not disappear
so that it stays clear
like the eyes of a child.
I wake up in a cradle of tears
as if I never existed

The Word Is Our Destiny Deserved

The word is our destiny deserved
A good destiny
A destiny of powerlessness
The word is neither whispered
nor yelled
it is a single circle that fits
The heart

The word burned with Jesus on the cross
we still collect the fire in our hearts
so it burns us too
With the word we melt in Eternity
and die in Nothingness without it


you must not see a butterfly
or the magic would be gone
and a gush of wind will blow its ashes away
you are a butterfly
you are a big multicoloured butterfly
it carries the whole sky in its wings
you are my big powerful butterfly
you are so big
that you are in everything
You fly invisibly
for you are in the spirit of the wind
you are a butterfly
remember you must not
see yourself
you are a butterfly
that will never see itself
in another butterfly

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