Blesok no. 54, May-June, 2007

from “Day and Night of Everyday”

Josip Osti

Silence of the Karst

Silence of the Karst.
Beautiful. Too beautiful.
Like childern's voices.

After a long night

After a long night
dawn of a new language.
In which I'm already mute.

This boat, full of flowers

This boat, full of flowers,
sails from my dreams
into yours.

Stars are falling

Stars are falling!
Perhaps also the one
on which we are.

Review by Vladimir Matinovski: Haiku – Poetry of Integration

Night walks barefoot

Night walks barefoot
on live embers of snow.
From branches fear drips.

Eye, full of dreams

Eye, full of dreams.
A well, from which
the bleackbird drinks tears.

Dreams of wind

Dreams of wind.
Of swallows on the boat
transporting snow.

I look. Listen.

I look. Listen.
Am poor, yet rich.
I live haiku.

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